Watch Josh Groban Sing Donald Trump Tweets On ‘Kimmel’

Of the current late night TV hosts, Jimmy Kimmel is the master of the absurd (a title once held by Conan O’Brien). From urging parents to tape themselves making their kids cry over Halloween candy to remaking Kanye West interviews with little kids, his humor has more of an acerbic shade to it — which is sometimes refreshing in a late night world of full-grown adult celebrities playing little kid games on Jimmy Fallon, or the unfunny trash heap Seth Myers has made of “Late Night.”

Kimmel also has a rich history of mocking self-righteous Celebrity Twitter Monsters. The biggest of them all was — for years — Kanye West himself, until Donald Trump usurped that title so abruptly that it shocked the world. Following Trump on Twitter is often like following a train wreck — you simply cannot look away, no matter how crazy it is. But it’s that off-the-cuff way of talking/tweeting that has helped Trump rise in the polls, so there is that.

And like he did with Kanye, Kimmel had singer/songwriter Josh Groban croon some of the more colorful tweets the Donald has shared with the world. And somehow, Trump tweets set to song only make them even more hilarious.

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