Watch This ‘Key & Peele’ Skit Explaining Why Outkast Doesn’t Make Albums Anymore


It’s been almost a decade since hip-hop duo Outkast (Big Boi and Andre 3000) has released any new material. Their 2006 release, the soundtrack to the film “Idlewild,” was met with mixed reviews (at best) and was kind of a disappointment compared to their previous effort, the double album masterpiece that was 2003’s “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.” After that release, hip-hop’s crazy hat aficionado — Andre 3000 — was notorious in telling anyone willing to listen that he had no real interest in continuing the group, and later felt like a sellout with their recent reunion shows.

Warning, video is NSFW.


Well, the namesakes of the show “Key & Peele” have offered an explanation as to why this once gigantic force in the hip-hop world is no longer active: Big Boi is simply tired of the eccentricities of Andre 3000 — the guy is too weird to deal with. Which, considering that they have basically been quiet for nearly a decade (minus the occasional reunion shows), might not be too far from the truth. 

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