This Video Makes The Argument That Daniel Was The Real Bully In ‘Karate Kid’

Art is always open to interpretation, and for thousands of years we humans have celebrated spirited debate about the meanings behind certain creations that have stimulated and inspired our minds.

Johnny with a black eye from the hands of "Karate Kid" bully, Daniel LaRusso.
Johnny with a black eye from the hands of “Karate Kid” bully, Daniel LaRusso.

Discussions — such as what’s the meaning behind that crooked smile on the “Mona Lisa;” was Vincent van Gogh’s “The Night Café” a harsh indictment or a grotesquely sympathetic expression of troubled souls; was Daniel LaRusso the hero or villain the 1984 hit movie “The Karate Kid” — have kept fans and critics alike baffled as to the artists’ true intentions.

Well, an account on YouTube has dared to visit that last question, going against the grain of popular opinion to heroically show the world that Daniel LaRusso was an incessant bully to Johnny Lawrence throughout the film, not the other way around.

Like most unique pieces of art, “The Karate Kid” can be seen from all manner of sides and interpretations. This video truly opens our eyes and gives us a chance to see this classic film from a different perspective. It seems like for 30 years, we just might have been completely wrong about the whole premise of the film. In fact, we just might have been rooting on the bad guy the whole time.


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