Here Is A Video Of All The People Batman Has Killed In The Movies

It is said that Batman’s rule is that he never kills. Readers of the comics have known for a long time that he doesn’t always abide by this rule. It is especially true for the film adaptations of the Caped Crusader, in which he has been known to blow people up, force them to fall to their deaths, and sometimes refuses to save them in situations where — if he doesn’t — they have a 100 percent fatality rate. I’m pretty sure the law would consider letting Ra’s al Ghul die in “Batman Begins” a homicide.

So yes, Batman does have blood on his hands. Especially in the Tim Burton movies, where Batman almost seems gleeful of taking others’ lives in the name of his skewed form of justice.

Well, Mr Sunday Movies over on YouTube has compiled Batman’s kill list from the films (above) — from Tim Burton’s gothic twist on the character all the way to Christopher Nolan’s gritty revival of the franchise. When one watches the films, it doesn’t really seem like Batman is a homicidal maniac — but each of his kills back-to-back shows he is as prolific as any serial killer.

Batman won’t kill the Joker because then “the Joker wins,” but he apparently has no qualms taking out low-level thugs working for a man who dresses like a clown who once murdered his sidekick Robin. What I’m saying is Batman is one messed up individual.


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