Upcoming ‘Walking Dead’ Special Will Put Zombies On An Airplane

Imagine being locked away thousands of feet in the air, strapped to a chair on an airplane as soulless, mindless ghouls roam the aisles — screeching with blood curdling terror as the flight staff looks on, hopelessly unprepared for such a hellish scenario. Now imagine this typical air flight, but with zombies.snakes

Well, that is what AMC is planning — a new standalone “Walking Dead” special that will put the undead on an airplane while introducing a new character for the second season of the new spin-off series, “Fear The Walking Dead.” The special will fall under that prequel’s timeline.The premise also begs for a Samuel L. Jackson cameo where he screams “I have had it with these motherf*****g zombies on this motherf*****g plane!”

The special will be released online in segments — and those segments will air during commercial breaks during the second half of the sixth season of “The Walking Dead.” It’s kind of a cool way to keep the momentum going for “Fear The Walking Dead” during it’s hiatus.

Last Sunday I live tweeted “Fear The Walking Dead” — much like how I started live tweeting “The Walking Dead” — so if you want to tweet along with my snarky commentary, follow me on Twitter at @josephbemidji

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