Here Is A Video Of All The People Superman Has Killed In The Movies

Superman is perhaps the best known superhero of all time (well, maybe after Batman in this day and age), a noble character who has saved the planet more times than most people can count. And like The Dark Knight, Kal-El is not a huge fan of murdering people. Also like Batman, he has been known to break that rule from time to time.

And there was much outcry when Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” came out in 2013 because Superman — a representation of all that is good and just in this world — brutally snaps General Zod’s neck like a raving lunatic. Which is odd, because it wasn’t even the first time Superman had killed Zod on the big screen, depending on how you interpret the events of “Superman 2.”

Well, much like a video showing Batman’s onscreen kills, the same people at Mr Sunday Movies on YouTube have made a compilation of all the times Superman has killed in the movies. Which, at first, seems relatively smaller than that of the Dark Knight’s — until you figure in the events of the end of “Man Of Steel” which Snyder estimates about 5,000 people died due to Superman’s actions.

Like Batman, Superman is also a pretty messed up individual.

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