Trump Or Colbert: Candidate Makes Lively Appearance On ‘Late Show’

The rise of presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls has irked pretty much all sides of the political spectrum, and has certainly made this blog — which mostly focuses on popular culture — begrudgingly delve into writing about a politician. Because Trump has been so ingrained in our pop culture since the 1980s, and his run-ins with the likes of Neil Young on the campaign trail this year and tweeting various nutty things, I’ve been walking a careful line with writing about a politician because this blog is not a soapbox for politics — it is my personal soapbox for mocking and/or enjoying things in pop culture.

And Trump’s appearance Tuesday night on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” made for great television. Hands down, it was perhaps one of the few interviews with Trump that I have seen where he came off a little normal, and not some eccentric billionaire who spouts crazy things and gets confrontational with the people around him. I mean, based on his past TV appearances, Trump came off pretty civil and a good sport with Colbert. Was he cocky and arrogant? Sure. He is Donald Trump, and that will never change.

It got rocky at times, but overall it was a fun interview to watch. Especially when it came to a “who said it” moment, which asked Trump to figure out who said a particular quote between either himself or Colbert’s “Stephen Colbert” character from his former show, “The Colbert Report.”

And it was odd seeing Colbert interviewing someone who would have been prime for his faux-conservative pundit character. But Colbert has the chops to walk that line between his old character and himself, and I think he did a pretty decent job with that while talking with Trump.

NOTE: This is not an endorsement of any political affiliation or candidate by the author. That is reserved for Kanye West’s potential 2020 presidential run, which I snarkily endorse at this time.

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