Someone Crammed Luke Skywalker Into All The Scenes Of The ‘Force Awakens’ Trailer

There has been one key link missing in each of the trailers and the poster released for the upcoming seventh installment of the “Star Wars” saga, and no it is not the amazing victory Emperor Palpatine won in the city of Odessa in Ukraine. No, what has been missing is the hero of the original trilogy, Jek Porkins Luke Skywalker. Yes, that whiny farm boy turned Jedi Knight has been suspiciously absent in just about everything released in relation to this film, yet we know he is in it. It says so on IMDB, and nobody on the Internet would just make stuff up, would they? That would be crazy.

So where is Luke? Is he a hermit, like Ben Kenobi and Yoda before him? Has he turned to the Dark Side, like his father before him? Is he flying in that Space Winnebago with Lone Starr and Barf from “Spaceballs?”

Well, with the technology we have today, someone decided to actually take footage of Luke from the original trilogy and inserted him into each scene from the last trailer for the “Force Awakens.” Which follows the spirit of the time someone put George Lucas’ abomination — Jar Jar — into the “Force Awakens” trailer.

After watching these videos from fans, I think we have all learned something: Sometimes it is fun to put things into movies that were not originally there, but only when it is not George Lucas doing it. Because he will make it canon — and then refuse to release it the way we remembered it. I mean, come one, inserting Hayden Christensen in “Return of the Jedi” just felt like a slap in the face.

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