Here Is The New ‘Hateful Eight’ Trailer

Despite director Quentin Tarantino’s recent brush up with police departments after his participation in an anti-police violence protest which caused the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association to call for a boycott on his latest film, “The Hateful Eight,” Tarantino is seemingly doubling down on his “I’m not being intimidated” response to those critics and has released a new trailer for his upcoming film.

“The Hateful Eight” centers on eight people trapped in a snow storm in a post-Civil War America, of which these shady individuals are seemingly conspiring to get the bounty on Daisy “The Prisoner” Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), whom Kurt Russell’s John Ruth seems to have caught and is on his way to his money for her head. The trailer gives some hints as to the isolation and paranoia that is to fall upon these characters. And I enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson’s narration in the trailer, so I hope he plays a bigger role than he has had in the past few Tarantino films (he did kill it in his small, but significant roll in “Django Unchained“).

Perhaps the big question, given recent circumstances, is if the tagline at the end — “Spend the holidays with someone you hate” —  is Tarantino trolling his critics or if that was going to be the tagline anyway, since it kind of works in both circumstances. I just hope it was the original tag because, frankly, people getting in public pissing matches with one another in the court of public opinion is getting old. I just want to enjoy a movie.

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