Bemidji’s Stoner Avenue Signs Appear On Top 10 ‘Commonly Stolen Street Signs’ List

Well, it seems like Bemidji’s most notorious street signs made it into a top 10 list from Mental Floss. The signs in question are none other than those for Stoner Avenue. Yup, that pesky little avenue name that caused a little dustup in the community in 2011 has resurfaced once again in the pop culture limelight.

Bemidji landed the No. 9 spot on the list that also includes other poorly named signs from around the world, such as Butt Hole Road in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, England; Katies Crotch Road in New Portland, Maine; Stoner Avenue’s spiritual cousins Mile Marker 420 and Richard Bong State Recreation Area, Brighton, Wis.; and my personal favorite —  F***ing, Austria.

It appears certain folks love to steal signs that say “Stoner Avenue.” Even to the point that it cost the city about $100 to replace each one, at about 12-15 times a year by 2011. It was estimated to add up, over a decade, to roughly $20,000 in replacing the signs.

That’s a lot of cash for replacing signs that I’m pretty sure one could order online and not risk getting busted for such a ridiculous crime. But hey, it landed our fine city on a new, weird list.

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