Eagles Of Death Metal Discuss The Paris Terror Attacks (Video)

During an Eagles of Death Metal concert on Nov. 13 at the Bataclan in Paris, terrorists opened fire in the venue and killed 89 people. About 130 people total were killed that day in coordinated attacks (including the one in the Bataclan) around Paris.

The band members spoke with Vice about their experience that day. It is very emotional, and I highly recommend you watch.

The Eagles of Death Metal were formed in 1998 by Jesse Hughes and Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme. Homme was not at the show in Paris. Hughes says in the video the band plans on finishing its tour and even to return to the Bataclan. “Our friends went there to see rock ‘n roll and died, I’m going to go back there and live,” Hughes says in the video.

Here is a sample of the band’s music, of which I am a big fan.


1 thought on “Eagles Of Death Metal Discuss The Paris Terror Attacks (Video)

  1. Joe, thanks for the link. My wife and I saw the Eagles of Death Metal in Winnipeg two months before the tragedy. We are live music fans and it was one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. They are a happy, positive, fun-loving group of guys and its reflected in their audiences; everyone is there to have a good time and rock out. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking how that all changed in a matter of seconds in Paris. I have no doubt EODM will respond by continuing to bring Peace, Love and Death Metal to the world!


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