Here Is A New ‘Batman V Superman’ Teaser

On Monday, during “Gotham’s” mid-season finale (I stopped watching early on this season. This show refuses to get any better), a new teaser for the “Batman V Superman” movie aired. It is full of gritty scowling and angry stares between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel (because it wouldn’t be a DC movie without gritty scowling and angry stares).

We have Batman chained up (dressed in the “Gotham By Gaslight” garb) in some dessert/subterranean hole with an angry Superman thunderously plopping down into it and marching as soldiers(?) bow before him. Superman yanks off Batman’s cowl (hey, at least he can move his neck with this one), which leads to more gritty staring. Why he yanks off the cowl is odd, since my understanding was Superman had x-ray vision, so Batman’s identity probably was known to him right away.

A brand new full trailer will debut Dec. 2 on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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