Michael Bay Continues The Destruction Of My Childhood With ‘TMNT 2’ Trailer

Michael Bay’s war on the childhood memories of those who grew up in the 80s and 90s — which began when he decided to make “Transformers” a franchise of terrible movies — is marching forward with a sequel to 2014’s horrible adaptation of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” A movie (which he produced, as he also produced this sequel) so bad that it made “The Secret of the Ooze” from 1991 look like a masterpiece (see video below).

Seriously Michael Bay, stop destroying all the fond memories of these goofy cartoons from my childhood with these horrendous adaptations.

Observations from the trailer:

  • There is Bebop and Rocksteady, two characters that the filmmaker decided not to modernize even a little, making them look like ridiculous villains from the film “Class of Nuke Em High.
  • I seriously thought Stephen Amell was going to go into his “Arrow” speech when his Casey Jones character is asked what his name is.
  • It wouldn’t be a Michael Bay project without Megan Fox’s midriff prominently displayed for no reason.
  • The Shredder looks pretty awesome. I’ll give the film that.

2 thoughts on “Michael Bay Continues The Destruction Of My Childhood With ‘TMNT 2’ Trailer

  1. The Secret of the Ooze would have been awesome if only it had Beebop and Rocksteady.


    1. It always baffled me as to why they had those other mutant monsters instead of Bebop and Rocksteady.


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