You Will Be Able To Stream the Beatles Music Starting Dec. 24

On Christmas Eve, you will finally be able to stream the Beatles’ catalog on almost all of the streaming music sites, according to Re/Code.

The Beatles have long been a holdout on this new age of listening to music. I figured this was going to happen when George Harrison’s albums suddenly appeared out of nowhere this year on Spotify (Paul McCartney’s stuff has been there for a while, John Lennon’s albums popped up last year and I have no clue as to when Ringo Starr’s stuff arrived because since he only has one or two Beatle songs I enjoy, I have no desire to listen to his solo stuff). It was pretty much just a matter of time after that.

The Fab Four’s catalog will supposedly pop up on Spotify (both the free and the premium versions), Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Google Play and barring any funny stuff from the company Kanye West assures us is in no way associated with the secretive and all powerful Illuminati, it should also appear on Tidal.

Most die hard Beatles fans (like myself) already own all the albums. But this is a good way to get the band exposed to a new generation of people — who mock and snicker at people like me who in my youth once carried a bulky DiscMan to listen to the band’s music on the go, like I snickered and mocked people who once owned 8-Track players — that will now be able to preview the band’s music in a more modern and convenient way. It will also be nice to be able to stream their music from my desk.

What I am excited for is to be able to make digital playlists (a modern take on Mix Tapes, but with less aggravation from either accidentally cutting the song short or having the next song’s intro leak in. It wasn’t as easy as it looked people) of the band’s material. Because I very much am a music dork like that.

That leaves only a few bands (Tool is the biggest one that comes to mind) left holding out in the digital age, which I get — even if I do not like it.

So, starting on Christmas Eve, you will be able to listen as much Beatles music as you can handle.

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