VIDEO: Prince Once Replaced Questlove With A ‘Finding Nemo’ DVD

There is very little dispute that Prince — one of Minnesota’s best known and most highly regarded musicians — is pretty eccentric. He changed his name to a symbol, once hired “Clerks” director Kevin Smith to make a documentary about him that was never released, and apparently served pancakes to Eddie Murphy’s brother, Charlie, after an intense basketball game.

So it comes as no surprise that at one point in the early aughts, Prince had Questlove (of the hip-hop group the Roots) replaced during a DJ gig by a DVD of the film, “Finding Nemo.” A DJ gig Prince had asked Questlove to do.

Questlove told the story to Okayplayer for a animated short. It is pretty hilarious, and further proves just how strange the Purple One can be.


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