Brian Wilson To Celebrate 50th Anniversary of ‘Pet Sounds’ With Tour

There are not many “best album of all time” lists out there that do not include the Beach Boys’ amazing 1966 album, “Pet Sounds.” It is an album that still holds up very well 50 years after it was released.

And in honor of the 50th anniversary, former-Beach Boy (and the mastermind behind “Pet Sounds”) Brian Wilson is taking this seminal album on the road for a fairly massive tour.

And the tour includes a stop in Minneapolis on Oct. 2 at the Orpheum Theater. Which I personally would love to see. I have never seen Wilson in concert and from what I’ve heard, he is pretty amazing to see live.

It is also said to be Wilson’s final performances of “Pet Sounds.” Which certainly sucks, but is understandable for a guy who is still putting out new albums after five-plus decades of making music. I’m also pretty sure it is pretty exhausting to perform such an album live in concert.

Here is a list of concert dates (via

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