Republican Presidential Candidate Kasich Says He’ll Try To Reunite Pink Floyd If Elected

It’s election season, which means the army of candidates vying for the White House are out on the campaign trail, saying and promising all sorts of things — from free college for everyone to having Mexico build a wall between its country and the U.S. — that are, quite simply, never going to happen.

Enter Republican candidate John Kasich, governor of Ohio and apparent huge fan of Pink Floyd. He, too, is on the “insane promises no one could ever keep” bandwagon by proposing if elected, he will try to reunite Pink Floyd — a feat that happened only once in the past 30-plus years after founding member and chief lyricist Roger Waters left the band, and that was in 2005 during Live 8.

It will probably be more difficult than other campaign promises considering Syd Barrett and Richard Wright have both passed away, and the surviving members have officially disbanded the group with no intention of every bringing it back again. All I know is this is probably one of the less loony things I’ve seen come out of this campaign from both parties.

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