Johnny Depp Plays Donald Trump In Online Comedy/ Larry David Brings ‘Curb’ To Bernie Sanders

Johnny Depp has played many crazy characters over his career, ranging from Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson (twice) to Captain Jack Sparrow (probably until he’s 110 years old) to infamous mobster Whitey Bulger (just once). Now, Depp has brought his comedy chops to his take on a socially unhinged madman-version of billionaire Donald Trump in this satirical film, “Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie.”

The 50-minute long film is a spoof on Trump and his autobiographical/financial advice book “Art of the Deal.” It is introduced by Ron Howard, who explains the film has never been seen due to the fact it was bumped in favor of an uninspiring NFL game in the 1980s, and Trump held a grudge over that ever since. For the next bizarre and often ridiculously funny 50s minutes, we see some pretty insane Trump antics, one which includes ALF at his wedding.

Also, it looks like a scratchy VHS, which really adds to the awesome weirdness of this whole thing.

On Saturday, “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David caused worlds to collide during his hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” when he finally mixed Sen. Bernie Sanders and with his brilliant HBO show “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” So, we finally see how Sanders lost the Iowa caucus (Hint: Don’t dry cough and try to shake the candidate’s hand).

Though this election season has thus far been very bizarre, it has given us some pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good political humor.

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