A JOE-DOWN Preview: ‘Fuller House’

Joe Brown and I have reviewed a bunch of films so far with the JOE-DOWN, some great, some terrible and some so wildly off the mark we could only shake our heads in bafflement. But we now want to do something a little different.

Starting Monday, Feb. 29, we will have a “Fuller House” week here at Off The Record. The JOE-DOWN will review about two episodes each day of the Netflix revival of the terrible 90s hit show, “Full House.” It will run Monday through Saturday, and will truly test our sanity.

Here is how I imagine watching this will be like:


Trust me, the idea to do this wasn’t ours. It came from the mind of Brown and I’s old buddy Kyle Stevens, a cruel and evil man with pure hatred in his heart who works with Joe at the Republican Eagle in Red Wing. Why he would suggest this to us, I will never know. And I probably will never forgive him for this.

We will have a regular JOE-DOWN this Sunday, with the 2004 “Punisher” film starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta’s weird hair.

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