Daniel Ellsworth And The Great Lakes Releases EP Titled ‘Bemidji’ (W/Spotify Stream)

Imagine my surprise when I fired up Spotify when I got into work, looked at the new releases (as I always do on Fridays) and saw Paul and Babe’s picture, along with an album titled “Bemidji.” At first, I wasn’t sure what to think. It seemed too surreal. “Maybe a local band from town? Maybe, but wouldn’t I have heard about it prior to this?” I thought. Deep down, I felt like someone was messing with me.

So my immediate reaction was to google the name of the band, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes. Since leaving the record store game six years ago for the world of journalism, keeping up with new music hasn’t been my main priority — I try, but with so many bands out there, it is hard to keep up.

And when I saw that the band formed in Nashville, I was thrown through another loop, until I saw that Daniel Ellsworth is from Minnesota. I am not sure where exactly, but it did give me a little comfort it wasn’t some non-Minnesotan using our town’s name and iconic statues. At this moment, I have no idea why the band chose the album’s name and photo (I’m currently working on that).

So I started playing the band’s latest EP, “Bemidji.” I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since I am always game for new music, I went in with a fairly open mind.

And I really enjoyed what I heard. This EP is really good. I am now kicking myself for not knowing of the band prior to this. I suggest giving it a listen. It sort of reminds me Jack White, Vampire Weekend and Band of Skulls.

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