Here Is What ‘Batman V Superman’ Would’ve Looked Like In 1995

This week, we will finally see the Caped Crusader duke it out with the Last Son of Krypton in Zack Snyder’s big budget version of Rock’em Sock’em Robots “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” It will be quite the film, one that will be reviewed here by the JOE-DOWN on Sunday. It will certainly be interesting to see the new take on the Dark Knight — especially after only four years have passed since Christopher Nolan wrapped up his successful Batman trilogy with “The Dark Knight Rises.”

In the lead up to this giant of a film, ScreenCrush has made a trailer that gives us a glimpse as to what this movie’s trailer would have looked like if it came out in 1995.

And much like every movie trailer in the 1990s seen on VHS (kids, ask your parents about what those were), this gives us the tape scratch glitches, the over-the-top voice over, a jarring musical score and ugly fonts that were all the rage with action films of that era. Also, the soundtrack listing at the end is probably my favorite part here.

Also, my co-worker Matthew Liedke has broken down each Batman and Superman films from worst to best leading up to this.

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