Kanye West’s ‘Life Of Pablo’ Is Now On Spotify

In February, Kanye West kind of dropped his latest album, “Life of Pablo” exclusively on Tidal — that overpriced music streaming site that nobody really seems to be happy with, not even one of its biggest supporters, Jay-Z. I say kind of, because he continued to tinker with the thing, calling it “living breathing changing creative expression” — a fancy way of saying “I can’t stop messing around with this project.”

Well, now “Life of Pablo” is available outside the darkest recesses of the Internet known only as Tidal. To be fair, he did rack up 400 million streams with that service (apparently), but the album was illegally downloaded many times as well. But it being on Spotify and other services means it will have a wider audience now.

I gave it a listen, and to be honest, I liked the album. It is not as good as “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” or as ambitious as “Yeezus,” but it has its moments. It wanders here and there, but when it gets good, it’s really good.  Yes, I may poke fun of the man, but I do respect his music.

1 thought on “Kanye West’s ‘Life Of Pablo’ Is Now On Spotify

  1. WTW? This, like ALL his music, S U C K S!


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