Here Is The Trailer For ‘David Brent: Life On The Road’

Before Michael Scott was the face of oddballs who should not be in charge of a paper company in “The Office,” there was David Brent — the even worse boss on the original “The Office,” of which the U.S. version was spawned. Much darker in tone, and often way more cringe-worthy than its U.S. counterpart, the British original was also comedian Ricky Gervais’ big splash in the entertainment scene. And a note: I do love both versions of “The Office.”

In fact, in the 13 years since Gervais hung up the goatee, his Brent character has popped up from time to time, appearing in some web videos and had two brief cameos during season seven of the U.S. “The Office,” one where Michael Scott actually meets his British equivalent, and the other when he applies for Michael’s job via Skype.

There is no doubt Gervais seems to love this character, and has now made a full-length film following up where David Brent is now — presumably he is still chasing his rock star dreams, still singing “Free Love Freeway” to anyone within earshot and saying things he really shouldn’t be saying. In the official teaser, we see Brent pop in at another office — one I presume he has already ruined the morale of with his inappropriate jokes and mean spirited pranks.  It also seems to follow the documentary style of both shows, which is a plus for this kind of character.

Here is a glimpse of Brent’s music career from a few years ago.

The movie is set to be released Aug. 19.

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