It’s Record Store Day 2016 This Saturday

This Saturday, record stores all over will be celebrating Record Store Day 2016. And even though we don’t have a record store here in Bemidji, we will still be able to celebrate this day thanks to Northern Community Radio (KAXE/KBXE). They will be offering used vinyl, CDs and live performances at Brigid’s Cross Irish Pub & Restaurant from “12-5pm with a pop up record store. Join us and volunteer DJs as they spin some classic vinyl, along with performances by Corey Medina and the dead pigeons,” according to Northern Community Radio’s website.

I went last year, and it was a blast — being able to dig through crates of vinyl is something I have missed since both the record stores I worked at in St. Cloud have closed. I got to speak with Northern Community Radio about my thoughts and memories of those days, and you can listen to me mumble about it here. As you can tell, I am not a radio guy. Thankfully, they edited out all the “ums” I mutter when I talk.

I think it is pretty great that a smaller town like Bemidji is able to celebrate Record Store Day — it is something I certainly didn’t think I would be able to partake in here when I first moved to Bemidji.

Devo-Blue-Energy-DomeOK, here is the coolest thing I got from Record Store Day when I used to work at the Electric Fetus: I have a blue Devo Energy Dome. It sits on my desk at work. And yes, I do wear it from time to time.

Also, I still enjoy the mix I made for Record Store Day last year, so I will share it again.

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