Watch Christopher Walken Read ‘The Three Little Pigs’

The Internet is a pretty amazing place. Granted, during this heated political climate there is a lot of garbage out there. Just reading comments on Facebook and Twitter can cause one to question the sanity of their fellow citizens on both aisles of the political spectrum.

But, fear not, for sometimes something pops up that will not only bring a smile to people’s faces, but also happens to be more bizarre and surreal than anyone could imagine. Something like, say, a clip of actor Christopher Walken reading “The Three Little Pigs” on a British TV show in the 90s. Yeah, this not only happened, but is now on YouTube.

Look at it. Stare into the vortex of madness that is the multi-colored Cosby Sweater he is sporting. Listen to how he phrases passages from this childhood classic, his voice’s volume going up and down randomly, going in and out of character. It is glorious. It is frightening. How this hasn’t broken the Internet yet baffles me.

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