The Misfits Are Reuniting With Danzig

Horror punk legends The Misfits will be performing with its former frontman, Glenn Danzig, for the first time in more than 30 years at this year’s Riot Fest, according to Danzig’s Facebook account. A reunion seemed like it would never happen because of three decades of bitter fighting and lawsuits over the band’s name and merchandising between Only and Danzig — which is totally punk rock, I guess. But if Guns N Roses can put behind decades of bitterness for that sweet, sweet reunion paycheck, why can’t these guys?

Dubbed “The Original Misfits” — probably a legal thing — the lineup will include Danzig, founding bassist Jerry Only and longtime guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (who is also Only’s brother). The band will perform at both Riot Fests in Denver (Sept.2, 3 and 4) and Chicago (Sept. 16, 17 and 18).

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Danzig and Doyle have performed together recently during the former’s Legacy tour and other shows sporadically over the years. But to see Danzig and Only share the stage once again was a pipe dream at best before this news broke. Danzig hasn’t exactly looked back at The Misfits with fondness, and rarely performed any of the band’s material.

Danzig disbanded the group in 1983, and moved on to form Samhain, and later found success with his band Danzig. Only and Doyle reunited the Misfits in the 90s with singer Michael Graves, and produced two albums with him, until he left the band. Doyle left not long after that. Only has been the only original member performing under the name for a while now, and assumed the singing duties, which are not that great compared to Danzig and Graves.

I have seen Danzig in concert twice. The first time was when he was touring with both Samhain and Danzig, which was amazing, and the second time when he whined like a baby on stage, which was depressing. I am hoping he will knock it out of the park, because this is a reunion a lot of people have been waiting for.

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