My Top 10 Favorite Misfits Songs

With the news that the dust has somewhat settled after three decades between Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only, and they will be sharing the stage once again under The Misfits banner, I think it is time to share my top 10 favorite Misfits songs.

The Misfits has been one of my favorite punk bands for a long time. Unlike some of the other punk bands of the era that were more politically driven, The Misfits incorporated B-movies, horror movies, rockabilly and 1950s greaser imagery into the music. And it was awesome. I even enjoyed some of the post-Danzig material with Michael Graves. The Misfits’ music is schlocky and weird and catchy as hell.

So here are my top 10 Misfits tracks. I always enjoyed the more melodic side of the band, so there’s none of the hardcore punk on this list. Though over the years, the “Earth A.D.” album keeps growing more and more on me. WARNING: Songs are NSFW

10. “Saturday Night”

I’ll just get the non-Danzig track out of the way. This catchy-as-hell 1950s sounding track from the “Famous Monsters” album is about, you guessed it, murder. Not exactly unheard of for a subject among the band’s material. But it is a pretty good track.

9. “Horror Business”

This track about people not going into the bathroom with Danzig, for some reason, I love. Just a catchy, odd song from the band’s catalog.

8. “Bullet”

The closest the band got to being political was writing a song about the assassination of JFK. It is a solid Misfits track with really messed up lyrics.

7. “20 Eyes”

I love this weird, sci-fi-ish track that opens “Walk Among Us.” This whole album is great for all the poppy hooks with demented lyrics.

6. “TV Casualty”

For some reason, I have always enjoyed the imagery in the lyrics of this song, putting a garbage apartment in the 1970s covered with filth into the brain. “Static Age” is just a great album.

5. “Halloween”

Perhaps the greatest song about Halloween ever. It has been on many Halloween mixes I have made over the years.

4. “Skulls”

Oh, man. This songs is a solid Misfits track. Just a creepy, disturbing song that is awesomely catchy. I remember listening to the lyrics and thinking Danzig should probably talk to a doctor or something.

3. “Some Kinda Hate”

Another great track from “Static Age.” I love the simplicity of the guitar work and Danzig’s Elvis-like vocals. And the “whoas,” it wouldn’t be a Misfits song without some “whoas.”

2. “Astro Zombies”

Talking about “whoas,” this track is the one I always think about when that is brought up about The Misfits. This song just hooks me in every time.

1. “Hybrid Moments”

This is hands down my favorite song from the band. I can’t explain it, just everything about it works.

There are a lot of songs that didn’t make this list. I mean, this band has a lot of music out there with just the Danzig years alone. What are your favorites?

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