Here Is The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Trailer

There is no denying that when it was announced that there was going to be a reboot of the classic film, “Ghostbusters,” emotions ran high. Obviously, remaking one of the greatest comedy films of all time rubbed many the wrong way. I even had reservations when it was announced. If you read this blog regularly, my attitude toward reboots, reimiaginings and unnecessary sequels is well established.


It hasn’t helped that the first trailer for this film is the most ‘disliked’ trailer on YouTube. And those reviews are not entirely made up of rabid, misogynistic MRAs with nothing else to do with their day, though there are a shocking large amount of those people trolling the dark depths of the Internet. No, a lot of those views came from other, more sane people who simply thought the trailer looked bad. And to be honest, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with it either.

It also hasn’t helped that the film’s director Paul Feig has reacted to the criticism in a kind of dickish way, saying ““Geek culture is home to some of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met in my life.” That only seemed to be the online equivalent of tossing gasoline on a bonfire.

But like regarding many things in this world, my attitude toward this film has softened. While I may not be a fan of Feig’s work beyond “Freaks and Geeks,” I am getting pretty excited about the cast of the film. I am especially excited to see Leslie Jone in the film. She has become the best comedian currently on “Saturday Night Live” and I am really looking forward to seeing her character on the big screen. I am also interested in seeing what Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon will bring to the “Ghostbusters” world.

The “Ghostbusters” reboot hits theaters July 15.

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