Members Of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy And Cypress Hill Form Super Group

On Wednesday, Rage Against The Machine posted a mysterious link to a website, The site offered a graphic in the vein of past artwork associated with the group, with a timer counting down to June 1. It also included the hashtag #takethepowerback, a title of one of the band’s songs.

This lead to the suspicion that Rage may finally be coming out of retirement once again, during yet another election cycle, to kick out the jams and put on some shows. Or maybe finally release its first new album in 16 years (that…that just made me feel really old). But that appears to not be the case.

According to Billboard, the mysterious message is the introduction to a super group called Prophets of Rage that will include 3/4 of RATM (vocalist Zack de la Rocha is apparently not a part of this project), Chuck D of Public Enemy (“Prophets of Rage” was a PE song) and Cypress Hill’s B-Real, making this sound like a live show I really want to go see. I saw RATM in 2008, and it blew my mind how amazing these guys were. But that is for another blog post.

According to Billboard “The band’s debut is set for Hollywood Palladium on June 3, with a show at L.A.’s Whisky a Go Go planned as well. A 2016 summer tour is also being considered.” Though it seems like quite the big production for one show. It should make for an interesting group though.

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