June Will Be ‘Sports Month’ At The JOE-DOWN

Summer is nearly here, and that means the cold weather — and crippling depression the brutal blizzard weather brings me when I think of warmer states — is behind us. And to bring in the summer, I thought here at the JOE-DOWN we can review films about sports. Because when I think of summer, I think about sports. Except hockey, I swear I am going to lose it if Joe Brown picks a damn hockey movie to review. EDIT: The jerk picked a hockey movie.

So, after Sunday’s review of “Crocodile Dundee,” it GO TIME! I am actually excited for this, because while I know almost nothing about professional sports (I have been kicked out of both a fantasy baseball league and a fantasy football league), I do love movies about sports. And I can probably irritate Brown with my lack of knowledge of lingo.

So here is the schedule for “Sports Month” here at the JOE-DOWN! I decided to include this so you, fine readers, can perhaps watch these films as well, and catch our recaps. Heck, even add your own observations in the comment section. Let’s make “Sports Month” a team effort.

June 5: ‘Varsity Blues‘ (Brown’s Pick)

June 12: ‘The Sandlot’ (Froemming’s pick)

June 19: ‘Youngblood’ (Brown’s Pick)

June 26: ‘Bring It On’ (Froemming’s Pick)

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