Uncle Joey’s Wife Will Be Introduced in Season 2 of ‘Fuller House’ (No, It’s Not Mr. Woodchuck)

As if the concept that there will be a season two to “Fuller House” — a show that nearly brought my fellow JOE-DOWN reviewer Joe Brown and I to a mental breakdown from watching it—  was disturbing enough, it turns out for the show’s second go will feature the dark, disturbing private life of Uncle Joey. Yes, the very man who terrorized children with a puppet name Mr. Woodchuck.

According to TV Line, for season two we will be introduced to Joey Gladstone’s wife — a woman I assume he met via those letter writing situations where people can contact convicts while they are in prison in the hopes of finding love —as they crash the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Which is not surprising seeing that Joey is an unhinged madman with nothing to lose.

Joey’s wife, who amazingly is not Mr. Woodchuck, is named Ginger, an “enthusiastic, upbeat, fun-loving magician” will be introduced in the season’s sixth episode.  They also, apparently, have spawned four children. An idea that either must have emerged from the darkest pits of hell or from a mind that simply wants to see the world burn.

You may think I am being overly harsh toward a fictional character, and normally I would agree. Except this blog is not just about Uncle Joey and his creepiness. After much discussion, Brown and I have decided that we will, indeed, be reviewing season two of “Fuller House,” despite the fact we nearly descended into madness from doing this the first time. We have no idea when the second season will air, but we will be bringing back a week-long review of every episode once it does.

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4 thoughts on “Uncle Joey’s Wife Will Be Introduced in Season 2 of ‘Fuller House’ (No, It’s Not Mr. Woodchuck)

  1. Except he’s not “Uncle” Joey. He’s just Joey. Danny Tanner’s friend since childhood. No blood relation to the Tanners or the Katsapolises. That’s like saying “Aunt Kimmy” in Fuller House. Sure he may have had an uncle-esque role in raising the girls, but they never referred to him as an uncle. At least he had the title of “Ranger,” though. 🙂


    1. “Jesse also insists his children call Joey, “Uncle Joey” as a sign of respect. Joey was not related to the Tanner family, but he acts as an uncle to the kids of the house.” http://fullhouse.wikia.com/wiki/Joey_Gladstone They refer to him as Uncle Joey on the show.


      1. Nah, that small wiki tidbit still doesn’t officially certify him as the character of “Uncle Joey.” Let’s see the non-existing supercut of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle calling him uncle throughout 7 seasons. So, Uncle Jesse said his toddler twins Nicky and Alex from the final seasons should call Joey an uncle? Those two little boys giving one-liners for the camera? Again, that supercut would be minimal. Irrelevant to Joey Gladstone as a whole. Even funnier considering Danny was the REAL uncle to Jesse’s kids, but whatever. I’m not gonna nitpick any more. 🙂

        As for getting back on topic, it’d be fun to see more Joey and what’s been going on in his life in the next season of Fuller House. Plus I’d much rather endure the catchphrase “cut it out” than to hear that god awful “holy chalupas!” one more time!


      2. Or “Oh, Mylanta!” These were not catchphrases, these were product placements.


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