Behold Burger King’s Mac N’ Cheetos

There are many kinds of snacks. Some are healthy, some are not so healthy indulgences and some are simply the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette with your health. And it seems Burger King has opted for that third category with a new menu item that is molten-lava-orange-colored Cheetos stuffed with Mac N’ Cheese. Between this and the Whopperito, a combination of a Whopper and burrito, it seems like Burger King is just daring us to eat its food now. Like this is a game or something.

Here is a video of a brave soul who dared to try out this monstrosity that sounds like something that came to William S. Burroughs in a drug induced fever dream.

For a limited time, beginning June 27, you can feast upon this combination of crunchy/gooey form of depression in a cardboard box at participating Burger King locations.

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