Finally, Samuel L. Jackson Explains ‘Game of Thrones’

“Game of Thrones” is one of the most well regarded show in recent memory. People eat this show up fanatically, drinking in all the twists, turns and drunk dwarfs with the thirst of a million dehydrated people wandering in the glaring sun while visiting Disney World without the $10 needed to buy a 12 oz bottle of water.

And I never was able to get into it. I once had the first season on Blu-Ray and knew I was in trouble when it came with family trees, maps and an option of having characters explain to me what’s going on as I watched. It was too much: Recreational TV watching shouldn’t demand that sort of effort from me. I am also not much of a fantasy genre fan, so that didn’t help either. But if others enjoy it, good for them. I’m not going to crap on their good time because I’m lazy.

But I might re-enter this show after watching the video above. History (and “Pulp Fiction”) have shown that actor Samuel L. Jackson is a great explainer of things, pairing things down concisely and expertly, with a bunch of F-Bombs thrown in for good measure. So, HBO had him run down the first five seasons of “GoT” for people like me who need a few F-Bombs thrown in to explain a show about dragons and fantasy stuff.

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