Looks Like There Will Be a ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel

This weekend proved the “Ghostbusters” reboot certainly did not go back in time and brutally destroy our childhoods. It also turned out to be a pretty decent flick. My JOE-DOWN cohort and I will be reviewing it for this Sunday’s installment, so I won’t venture too far into my thoughts on the film here. But apparently the warmer-than-expected reception (even with this godawful song in it) has given Sony the confidence to push forward with the revitalized franchise. Probably plunging the online haters and MRAs into a foaming-at-the-mouth frenzy of rage and incoherent ramblings on Reddit, Youtube and every other dark corner of the Internet.

According to TheWrap, Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony, said “The ‘Ghostbusters’ world is alive and well…. I expect ‘Ghostbusters’ to become an important brand and franchise. While nothing has been officially announced yet, there’s no doubt in my mind it will happen.”

Now, there have been rumblings of a Marvel-style cinematic universe for the franchise, and we known Dan Aykroyd is plotting the impossible third film of the original franchise despite the fact it will probably never happen, so anything is possible. And the post-credit scene at the end of the latest film certainly points toward where the sequel might go.

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