Let’s Analyze This Trailer for ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’ Book

The trailer for the new “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” book — a sort of history/prequel/sequel to the early 90s cult classic TV show “Twin Peaks” — offers us a very strange and baffling glimpse of what to expect from the pen of Mark Frost, who co-created the series with David Lynch. This book was written, apparently, to keep us up to date with what happened after the series finale in 1990 and 25 years later with the new Showtime revival. But like how the owls are not what they seem, so is this book.

The 1 minute, 53 second preview hits on many of the popular themes of the show: Damn fine coffee, damn fine pie, a log and a lot of bizarre items that will be added to the mythos of this strange, haunted world created by Lynch/Frost that will probably offer more questions than answers — because this is David Lynch we are talking about.

The trailer operates as a package sent by FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (who was played by Lynch in both the series and the film “Fire Walk With Me”) sent to someone with the initials T.P. currently in the small mountain town of Twin Peaks. At the end, Cole writes a memo to this person about a certain dossier that was found that is related to what Special Agent Dale Cooper was looking into during the Laura Palmer murder investigation. (Spoiler Warning!) The last we saw of Cooper was that he was trapped in the Black Lodge and his evil doppelganger was possessed by Bob — the evil spirit (that looks like a psychotic hippie at a Grateful Dead concert) that takes over bodies and murders/rapes people. Since it is 25 years later, and  — as Laura Palmer promised Cooper while trapped in the Black Lodge in the original series, she will see him again at that time — I can only speculate that Cooper is probably only now getting out of that red curtained, zig-zag floored fever dream of hell on Earth, while his doppelganger was probably causing all sorts of trouble over the years.

I took some screen shots for people to pour over.

The package from the start of the trailer.
The package from the start of the trailer.
A postcard from Norma and Hank.
A familiar symbol.


No idea, but is interesting.


Another odd thing that seems related to UFOs or the supernatural.


Gordon Cole’s memo.

The book is set to be release on Oct. 18 of this year. The Showtime revival is set to air next year.

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