Well, Well. It Looks Like (SPOILER) Might Be in ‘Suicide Squad’

Next week, Warner Bros will release the third film in its DC Cinematic Universe with “Suicide Squad.” The film will hopefully not be the dour, two-and-a-half hour mope fest that “Batman v Superman” was (or the three hour version, which I watched and did improve on a lot of my initial gripes). In fact, based on the trailers for it, it looks like it will be a pretty fun movie to see.

From the trailers we do know that Batman will be in it at some point (possibly a flashback). Now it looks like another member of the Justice League will make an appearance in it as well. THE FOLLOWING MIGHT BE A SPOILER, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

According to press notes from screenings, Ezra Miller’s name has made it to the list of actors in the film (oddly, Ben Affleck’s name isn’t on it). Miller plays The Flash in the DC Cinematic Universe, having been introduced in “BvS” in surveillance video of him stopping a robbery and in Bruce Wayne’s drug induced fever dream nightmares that introduces what sounds a lot like the plot to “Injustice: Gods Among Us.”

We also got to see him as the comic relief in the preview to “Justice League.”

It is rumored that his scenes were shot during some of the re-shoots director David Ayer did. All I know is that I am pretty excited to see “Suicide Squad.” It opens Aug. 5.

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