The Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ Makes This ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Better

Let’s face it. The Beastie Boys make everything better. Want some proof? Watch the trailer above for “Star Wars: Rogue One’ recut with the group’s classic “Sabotage.” Yeah, that’s right. Just when you thought that trailer couldn’t be topped, BAM! Better.

Want more proof? Hell, just add “Sabotage” to the prequels:

Suddenly those movies seem a little more watchable.

More proof? Here is “Empire Strikes Back” with “Sabotage:”

YES! I will never tire of these videos. The Beastie Boys made the best “Star Wars” movie a little better there.

What about other songs? You got it. Here is “Intergalactic” as the soundtrack to the battle of Endor from “Return of the Jedi:”

Have a great weekend!

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