Listen to This Sludge Metal Song About George Costanza

After almost 20 years since its final episode, “Seinfeld” continues to influence forms of popular culture. Which isn’t surprising, since the show gave the world so many great one-liners, quotes and insane plots about four self-involved friends living in New York City.

But perhaps one of the more bizarre “Seinfeld”-related items I have come across is this sludge metal track by the band 16 (or -(16)-) called “George,” which was inspired by perhaps the most narcissistic/self-deprecating one of the bunch, George Costanza.  The song talks about pretzels making one thirsty and pool shrinkage. Give it a listen.

As to how this song came to be, the band’s frontman Cris Jerue talked about it with Bandcamp Daily, which is an interesting read. The song is on the group’s album “Lifespan of a Moth.”

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