Ben Affleck Tweets Video of the Villain of His Solo ‘Batman’ Movie

When it comes to the DC cinematic universe, at this point it seems like everyone is saying “Just give us a Batman movie already!”And justly so, because while Batman has appeared in two of the universe’s three films, his presence was probably the only good elements of both those films.

And given that Ben Affleck has proven himself to be an award winning screen writer and director, it only makes sense that the hype for his solo Batman film is high. When it comes to directors, you can often tell what you are going to get. Like, say, Zack Snyder. No one was surprised by his rambling, throw-every-iconic-comic-book-story-of-the-90s take on DC’s biggest names going toe-to-toe with one another. Angry and upset? Sure. But not surprised.

But what will we get with Affleck? Perhaps more nuance, hopefully, than the Rock’em Sock’em Robots explosion fest that Snyder has farted out thus far. But while most of what Affleck has planned remains secret, he did tweet out a video of who will be taking on the Dark Knight in his film.

Yes, it appears Deathstroke will be the villain in his film. While it seems Affleck is still working on the script, and is currently filming “The Justice League,” it is unknown how/why this video came to be. But an insider told The Wrap that Deadshot will be the nemesis in the solo Batman film.


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