‘Twin Peaks’ Enters Its Grunge Phase With New Eddie Vedder Song

Having met its initial end in 1991, the show “Twin Peaks” missed out on one the most defining moments of that decade: Grunge music. (Yes, I know “Fire Walk With Me” came out in 1992, but that was a prequel). Hence, we never got to see Agent Cooper deal with the mysteries of that cardigan-sweater-loving genre — which also grew out of Washington state — that would have turned the teenagers of that tiny town into even more moody coffee-guzzling nihilists sporting flannel.

But fear not, for the “Twin Peaks” revival is fixing that with the inclusion of a new Eddie Vedder song. Vedder debuted the track, “Out Of Sand,” at the Ohana Festival on Aug. 27. According to a Pearl Jam fansite, the track will be included in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s revival of “Twin Peaks,” whom Vedder is also apparently going to be appearing in as well.

Now, the music of “Twin Peaks” has pretty much only utilized the brilliant work of composer Angelo Badalamenti, along with the haunting vocals of Julee Cruise. But, given that this is not only a Lynch/Frost project, but a Lynch/Frost “Twin Peaks” project, I’m guessing we will be seeing a lot of changes in this strange little world of theirs.

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