More Than 110 Nerdy ‘Star Trek’ Cast and Crew Members Rally Against Trump

“Star Trek” was a creation that foresaw a near utopian future where, while people still had their difference of opinion, those vying for more political control wouldn’t be caught dead in a soft core porno or call his/her opponent’s supporters “deplorable.” I know, it sounds crazy, but there are still people out there who dream of the impossible.

And since just about everyone is throwing their two cents into this (REDACTED) show of an election season — an election season with two of the most disliked candidates of both major parties nabbing the nomination — it seems like the nerds who have worked on “Star Trek” in its many shows, films and whatnot over the years are letting it be known that they think Donald Trump should not be president of the United States.

Called Trek Against Trump, the group is made up of more than 110 cast and crew members who have worked on the “Star Trek” franchise, including JJ Abrams, George Takei, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and Wil Wheaton — just to name a few of these dorks.

Notably not on the list is William Shatner, who played the original (and frankly, the best) of the captains, James Tiberius Kirk. Though, after venturing on Shatner’s Twitter page, he seems much too busy getting into beefs and yelling at Twitter trolls to give a rats ass about this election. And, frankly, I don’t blame him.

Here is the complete list of the Trek Against Trump folks.

J.J. Abrams
Allan Apone
Richard Arnold
René Auberjonois
Scott Bakula
Ira Steven Behr
Rick Berman
John Billingsley
Christopher Black
Paula Block
Paul Boehmer
André Bormanis
Brannon Braga
Mark Robert Brown
LeVar Burton
Terri Potts-Chattaway
John Cho
Tracee Cocco
George Colucci
Mimi Cozzens
Denise Crosby
Dan Curry
Joseph D’Agosta
Peter David
Nicole de Boer
Keith R.A. DeCandido
John de Lancie
Jonathan Del Arco
John DeMita
Chris Doohan
Paul Eiding
Aron Eisenberg
Terry Erdmann
Terry Farrell
Lolita Fatjo
David C. Fein
Juan Carlos Fernandez
Louise Fletcher
Jonathan Frakes
Bryan Fuller
Dave Galanter
Tim Gaskill
David Gerrold
Robert Greenberger
Bruce Greenwood
Max Grodénchik
Martha Hackett
Glenn Hauman
Manu Intiraymi
Michael Jan Friedman
Dominic Keating
John Knoll
Walter Koenig
Alex Kurtzman
Judith Levitt
Jeff Lewis
Justin Lin
David Mack
Dennis Madalone
Chase Masterson
Dakin Matthews
Gates McFadden
Robert Duncan McNeill
Nicholas Meyer
Anthony Montgomery
Ronald B. Moore
Tom Morga
Kate Mulgrew
Larry Nemecek
Adam Nimoy
Susan Nimoy
Robert O’Reilly
Linda Park
Leslie Parrish
Robb Pearlman
Simon Pegg
Randy Pflug
Ethan Phillips
Robert Picardo
Sandra Piller
Chris Pine
Emmett Plant
Zachary Quinto
Michael Reisz
Andrew Robinson
Eugene & Heidi Roddenberry
Marvin Rush
Tim Russ
Zoe Saldana
Ralph Senensky
Naren Shankar
Armin Shimerman
Gregory Smith
Brent Spiner
Rick Sternbach
Peter Sternlicht
Eric Stillwell
Jay Stobie
Sandy Stone
Carel Struycken
Marina Sirtis
Michael Sussman
Kitty Swink
George Takei
Michael Taylor
Hallie Todd Withrow
Connor Trinneer
Karl Urban
Wil Wheaton
Herman Zimmerman

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