Watch Donald and Hillary Croon ‘(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life’ in This Mashup Video

Let’s face it, this election has been a giant (REDACTED) show for way too long now. Two very polarizing candidates managed to nab each of the two main political parties’ nomination to be the next president of the United States, and frankly people are rightly ticked off about it.

And for two debates thus far, there have seen some feces slinging the likes we have never seen in a modern day presidential election. Sunday night’s debate was so off the rails I kept wondering when WWE legend Ric Flair was going to sneak up, distract the moderators and throw a steel chair onto the stage. Frankly, I was embarrassed watching the two debates so far.

But fear not, because when things get down, the internet is there to make a mockery of very real mockeries. Some brilliant soul decided to mash up parts of Sunday’s debacle with the hit song “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from soundtrack of the film “Dirty Dancing.”

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