Of Course There Is Now a Ken Bone-Inspired ‘Sexy Undecided Voter’ Costume

There were two things that came out of Sunday night’s fecal matter tossing debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that brought a brief moment of joy to Americans. First was the genius idea of mashing up the two candidates to a song from “Dirty Dancing” making them look like they were crooning at one another.

The second one happened that very night, when during an event made of two fully grown adults yelling at one another like rabid kids on a playground, one man stood up to the microphone clad in a bright red sweater that would have made Mr. Rogers proud. That man, Ken Bone, briefly stunned the nation by asking a pretty great question on energy policy that was grounded in reality. What? We all thought, mouths agape. A serious question?  In this election? Are we having a collective stroke right now?

No, we weren’t. We were also surprised that at this point in the election, there remained an actual undecided voter. Reality struck hard upon us that night for a brief moment, and it was in the form of Ken Bone and his flashy red sweater.

And like just about everything that blows up in popular culture, the Ken Bone phenomenon has taking the U.S. by storm. To the very baffling point of his inspiring a “Sexy Undecided Voter” costume just in time for Halloween.


For a mere $99.95 over at Yandy.com, you too can confuse an entire bar by sporting a fake mustache, sweater and a microphone and get blitzed on cheap beer and sugar-infused shots of sadness this Halloween. Because not even the shocking sincerity of Ken Bone can escape the cynical powers of Halloween costume designers.

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