That Negan Scene From ‘Walking Dead’ Got the Lego Treatment

By now I think the shock has worn off, and we can all relax a little after last Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” As I have said, it was the shot in the arm the show needed. It made for some truly shocking and gruesome television.

So it comes as no surprise that the big scene, the one where new villain Negan takes his trusty bat to the skulls of his enemies in Rick’s camp, would get some fan-made re-creations. And someone named kristo499 over on YouTube decided to give this now infamous scene the old Lego treatment. Because why not?

Now, even in Lego form this scene still comes off really disturbing, right down to poor Lego Glenn having his Lego eyeball popped right out of his Lego socket. And Lego Abraham telling Negan to suck his Lego nuts is somewhat funnier than the agonizing and heartbreaking TV version.

It truly shows how dark that scene was, because even in fun Lego form, it is still hard to watch.

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