Let’s Pop on Our Tinfoil Hats and Examine This ‘Breaking Bad’-‘Walking Dead’ Conspiracy

There is no shortage of crackpot theories roaming out there on the internet, hungry for the brains of the gullible and ravaging their sanity like raw meat. Or to put this another way, people are constantly jonsing for that sweet, sweet crystal blue line of BS to get them through another day.

Well, Netflix is now peddling a conspiracy on its own turf — its Facebook fan page and YouTube — regarding two famous TV shows: Whether there is a shared TV world between “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” A theory that claims Walter White may have started the zombie apocalypse we see Rick Grimes growing a monster of a beard through.

The video (above) makes some connections (more easter eggs and small little winks on “The Walking Dead’s” part) between the two shows. While entertaining and fun, Negan’s bat of logic soon crushes down upon our critical thinking, bludgeoning fantasy to a bloody mound of reason. Still, it makes for a fun little video.

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