Because 2016 Isn’t Crazy Enough, Axl Rose Has Some Thoughts on the Trump/’Hamilton’ Thing

Just when you couldn’t think 2016 was odd enough (and that is saying something), things got much more strange when Guns N Roses front man Axl Rose gave his two-cents on the whole “Hamilton”/Mike Pence/Angry-Tweeter-In-Chief Donald Trump situation.  Yes, the man whose behavior may or may not have lead to a riot in Montreal in the 1990s has chimed in on this already ridiculous situation.

Now, I rarely get into politics here because 1. It is a pretty divisive topic and 2. Like a good passive-aggressive Minnesotan, I find talking politics to be a little rude. But since Trump has jumped from the world of pop culture into the role of leader of the free world — a sentence I never imagined myself ever typing, but here we are — President-elect Trump is bound, now, to appear on this blog from time to time. I mean, his insane early morning tweets are on-par with that of Kanye West.

While I thought Trump’s tweet-storm about the “Hamilton” situation was bizarre (at best), for his part Pence seemed to take the whole thing in stride, as a normal person would. It seems like we are in for an interesting four-eight years.

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