December Will Be James Bond Month at the JOE-DOWN

Martinis. Cool guns. Tuxedos. Spies. The James Bond franchise is, let’s be honest, pretty damn cool. And since we here at the JOE-DOWN will be sitting through another season of pure hell “Fuller House,” Joe Brown and I decided to counter that with watching James Bond films all month.

Obviously, with only four Sundays for us to cover, we will only be able to grapple four Bond films. Naturally, we chose some of the more interesting choices. And since there is six on-screen Bonds, two of them will have to be cut. So, we will not cover either the Roger Moore films or the Daniel Craig films (which is tough considering “Skyfall” is by far my favorite Bond film).

What did we choose? Well, here is the list of what we will be watching in December.

Dec. 4: “The Living Daylights”

Dec. 11: “Never Say Never Again”

Dec. 18: “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

Dec. 25: “Tomorrow Never Dies”


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