Welcome to Hell: Next Week Is ‘Fuller House’ Week at the JOE-DOWN

Much like a dinner guest who has overstayed their welcome and somehow cannot pick up on the social cues that are not-so-subtlety screaming “GET THE HELL OUT,” Netflix’s “Fuller House” revival continues its third installment this Friday, Sept. 22. It’s an event that has become a part of our culture — in much the same way harikari was at one point a part of Japanese culture — here at the JOE-DOWN.

To add salt to Joe Brown and I’s wounds, this is merely part one of a two-part season, with the second part coming in December, making sure we both have a lousy holiday season.

What is in store for this season? More wacky antics? More Kimmy Gibbler in stupid outfits? More of Joey’s dead eyes glaring upon his next victim to dump in a Vegas bathroom with “Mr. Woodchuck” carved into their skull? The possibilities are endless!

Beginning Monday, Sept. 25, we will post two episode reviews of the nine-episode through Thursday, Sept. 28. Reviews that will be stained with our tears and snark, because the world is cruel and all good things need a third act, right?

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