Dispatches from the Pandemic

This has escalated quickly, huh?

Last week, the virus — known as COVID-19, coronavirus or something else to idiot racists who, even while the world is burning, just can’t give up the ghost of their inherent rotten core — was something of a threat we all saw as “out there.” It wasn’t really knocking on our doors, we can’t really see or grasp it with our own eyes, so it became a vague threat.

At least, it sort of felt like that in the Midwest. We are not on the coasts, and here in North Dakota, we don’t really have the traffic of those bigger, more populous states. That is flyover thinking. We are pretty isolated by large tracts of land, so it really can’t hit here, right?

Again, flyover thinking. The world has changed a lot in the past 40 years — hell, it has changed a lot in the last 40 hours — and what was terrorizing the coasts got its claws in us fairly quickly

Last weekend, it was business as usual for the normally busy downtown area of Fargo. This weekend, it is a ghost town. Something you’d see in a terrible zombie movie where the protagonist wakes up and everything is topsy-turvy. It is a creepy thing to look out the window at the office here and see. You almost expect tumble weeds to come blowing through your line of sight. It’s surreal as hell.

I have no idea what to do. My first instinct was to write this down, to vent and think with my fingers for a while. The best advice I can offer is to educate yourselves. Reliable news sources, not some fringe crackpot blog like this one. Be responsible. Be safe. 

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