Cast That Movie

By: Thom Vanhorton and Joad McDuggal

You ever sit around with your friends and debate about which actor should play an iconic role in a film that should be made? Well we’ve turned that concept into a podcast! Every other Tuesday we will be releasing an episode on our Soundcloud and YouTube page where we recast a failed cinematic project from the past, and then we conjure up a dream project that we’d like to see made, and we cast that as well! Then we debate and defend our choices! We play other stupid, silly games too! For fans of film, comedy, and the absurd!

February 4th, 2020

Episode 1: Super Mario Bros. (1993) / Married… with Children: The Movie

Hello Everyone! This is the pilot episode of Cast That Movie! The podcast where two nobodies from the Midwest of the USA take a “failed” movie and attempt to recast it. Then, because they love to hear themselves talk, they decide to take a major pop culture or news event and cast that as well. Plus more fun games!

Click here to listen on YouTube! Or listen below through Soundcloud!

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